About LEGNO Architecture

About LEGNO Architecture

We imagine and design the world of tomorrow for you...

Providing creative architectural solutions with the dream of converting every area into a more beautiful, livable, functional, comfortable and aesthetic place, Legno MimarlıkLegno Architecture ) offers design, architecture, implementation, production and construction services in the fields of retail, office and merchandizing.

Legno MimarlıkLegno Architecture ) was founded in 2012 in Kayseri with the philosophy of providing the most suitable, functional, comfortable and efficient solutions that focuses on the needs of its customers.

Also having an office in Istanbul, Legno MimarlıkLegno Architecture ) carries out all the architectural processes of many projects in Turkey and abroad, creates sustainable, flexible, spacious, eco-friendly, habitable areas that are compatible with current architectural trends.

We design… We provide aesthetic and functionality to all living areas

We are innovative… We combine design, technology and trends

We believe in diversity… We approach each project as “single” and “unique”

We listen to nature… We observe the balance of nature and man

We focus on human health…We recycle for creating a healthier world…