Why LEGNO Architecture?

Why LEGNO Architecture?

We ;

* Manage all the processes, starting from concept and design to production and construction, and maintenance.

* Have experienced architect and consultant staff in retail and merchandising fields.

* Set out from “your” needs and dreams in all our works.

* Deliver our projects on time and fully completed with a work flow and budget prepared in accordance with the requirements of our customers.

* Design functional and inspiring stores, offices and venues by providing creative, innovative and strategic solutions.

* Work on 100% customer satisfaction basis in all our works and projects.

* Can provide simultaneous service at home and abroad, to different locations.

* Design all our projects in accordance with modern architectural trends, in modern approaches and lines, in accordance with technology and in an environmentally friendly manner.

* Provide fast and efficient solutions from a single source by providing coordination with all third parties needed in a project.

* Create “in-house” solutions by providing all the materials required from our own production center. In this way, we gain speed and lower the costs.